August 30, 2021

Cyber Sec professionals, please describe what people who are currently pursuing bachelors degrees and certs for Cybersecurity should be doing now to be well prepared to enter the workforce.

Any advice. Should we have Net+ amd Sec+ certs to get a job while we are still in school?

How important is understanding and being well versed in Linux + bash scripting?

How important is being well versed with a couple programming languages Java, Python3, C, PHP…

What skills should noobs be prioritizing since the field is so broad?

Are IOT and Cloud Sec the ideal security frameworks to be preparing for?

Feel free to answer any question or questions not listed

Thanks for your help!

Common resources for fellow students to search for:
Try hack me
Hack the box
Over the wire
Cisco network academy



Certs couldn’t hurt.

Pretty important.

Not so much. You need to be able to read more than you need to write. So long as you can figure out what code is doing you’ll be fine for the most part.

Learn Linux and PowerShell cli well. Learn networking fundamentals. Then start dabbling with different sub fields until you find something you like. Branch out from there.

Debatable. Cloud is huge, but there are a ton of stacks that will remain in-house, especially in the govt world.


I’m recruiting at the moment and I’m seeing plenty of masters degrees and certs. Unfortunately the thing missing that I really want is general IT experience. You may be the best thing ever with Burp suite, but if you can’t plan and implement the change to remediate your findings then you’re no use to me.


For those of you going for your first blue-team roles, ***stay away from red-team training platforms***. Cybersecurity is *so* much more than just pentesting, and if you’re aiming for blue team roles, your focus should be blue-team skills and knowledge.

That isn’t to say you *shouldn’t* know how to carry out an attack on your own, as that skillset *will* make you a better blue-team member, but it should *not* be your focus when you’re starting out. Build a baseline of knowledge with certs like Security+ and CySA+, and then work on putting that knowledge into practice with certs like BTL1 and ***blue-team CTFs/cyber-ranges***.

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