May 13, 2021

Cyber security is a way of thinking; not just a career path

I know lots of people ask how do I get into cyber security all the time. It is one of he most common questions hat I scroll past because you answer it once and don’t want to repeat yourself everytime.

With that being said cyber security is not a starting point. Yes entry jobs ask for x number of years in security.

Do you technically need that in cyber security??? Not really. But you should be able to talk about a previous job in how you used cyber security.

I.e. you were help desk tech for 5 years. You can talk about password policies or user training.

Cyber Security is not just an industry…. It is more of a way of thinking!

It is getting out of the mindset of just make stuff work.

It is thinking how can I make it work with the least amount of privileges that I can give to make it work correctly.

I just wanted to share my thoughts to the community of something I have been thinking about recently.

I hope it helps or inspires all newcomers to the field.

And for those looking to jump in, just be curious to find out how stuff works and how can you implement it better and more secure.



Thank you! I have been wanting to know more about security and maybe getting into ethical hacking and pentesting on buildings


Yeah, you need to think like a hacker, not just tick off checkboxes.

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