January 19, 2021

Cyber Security vs. Software Development.

I’m a freshman studying for my computer science degree but i dont know whether or not i should still to programming as my future career. I was told that even though software developers are in high demand, there is also a high supply of software engineers, and many college students already plan on becoming software engineers so there will be a lot of competition and that machine learning would be better. But ML is absolutely mind boggling to me. On the other hand i was told that cyber security is in even more demand and is likely to stay in demand forever but there arent nearly as many people studying for cyber security so the pay is likely better and job security is practically guaranteed. Is this true? And if i wanted to get a feel for cyber security to see if its something id enjoy, what would you reccomend i do? I have no knowledge when it comes to coding and computers in general since i dont want to take any classes relating to Computer Science until i can go back in class.



You should pick what you are interested in. Cyber Security is a huge field and has many different branches. Do you like being technical? Do you like policies and paperwork? Do you like teaching? You can do all of these things in cyber security in completely different areas. Take a look at [this](http://joapen.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/cybersecurity-map-1.0.png). This is a map of a lot of different areas in cyber security although it is not exhaustive. Decide if any of the ares interest you and go from there.


Set up a lab or do some online challenges and test some things out, see what takes your fancy.

3blue1brown is a great YT channel of you’re wanting to know more about machine learning n neural networks.

Money wise will depend a lot on your level of ability but if you go for the sec side knowing how to code up tools will only help!

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