January 12, 2021


Noob here trying to get into Cybersecurity.

About a year ago I decided to change gears and start a new career in Cybersecurity. Previous to that I was in the retail biz for 15 years. I told myself I would start grinding from the bottom and learn the basics and get in anything related to tech to get my feet wet. Got my A+ and got a job as a PC technician. I was initially planning on following up with Network+, but a few months later I got the opportunity to join a Cybersecurity Bootcamp through a University taught by Trilogy. I definitely learned a ton that I believe it would have taken me longer to do so otherwise. Since then I have been dabbing into THM and currently halfway through my Security+ studies. As I keep looking at jobs, I definitely don’t see any entry-level Cybersecurity jobs. From the posts I have seen on here, most of us want to jump into Red team jobs but from what I can tell those jobs are rare and require a great deal of knowledge. Blue team jobs on the other hand seem to be a bit more abundant.

To the professionals already in the game. Should we be bothering with looking for “Entry-Level Cybersecurity” Jobs after getting the Security+? Or should we be looking for SOC jobs? Or maybe none of those and enter through other ways. I know there is not a right answer for this but I want to hear your opinions. Am I aiming a bit high too soon?

Thank you for your time in advance!


EDIT: sorry for the crappy title



Without any real world experience no one will take you seriously. Find a entry level helpdesk job ( I know…not a cyber job.) Get experience, and continue to develop your skills on the side. Once you can put into practice what you have learned then people will take you serious. Unless you get super lucky and someone decides to take a chance on you.then your golden!

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