July 12, 2021

Cybersecurity boot-camp: Advice/Insights appreciated!

Hello to the community! I got this opportunity from the employment office and hope to get a share of opinions from people in the field as this will require me to invest 100% of my free time in this. I highly appreciate any opinions shared. **TL;DR** for the “Background”.

**Background:** So I’m 24, got hit in the Pandemic, have some experience in analyzing and researching Online resources, intelligence gathering, writing reports etc’. Hoping to land in the BI/Cybersecurity threat analysis space through work experience( from the army) , but I am out of luck. Recently got a message from the Employment office offering to jointly pay for a cybersecurity networking boot-camp of sorts. The course promises a job opportunity with it (probably a help desk or a call center- not sure though, but it’s a start and some practical experience ). Don’t have a degree.

Looks like a serious college course , good reviews , over 500 hours, 2.5 months that grants hands on experience with the systems and I have heard they got good quality labs. 5 days a week 9:00-16:00 . I do need to pass a screening exam + a personal interview + Admissions Committee before I can start the course ( it’s not “everyone is welcomed” kind of course, so it’s less saturated which is why I also think this has great promise).I know this is a journey of nonstop learning, I hope this course will nudge me to a general direction where I can continue to study by myself or other sources down the road.

**TL;DR**Employment office offered to jointly pay with me for a **Cybersecurity: Specialization In Communication network management** course.

Summed up syllabus:

120 hours : Introduction to communication networks and cyber security

120 hours: Advanced fundamentals in communication networks

140 hours: Server management

126 hours: Cyber Security Operations

*I got the full syllabus but it would be too long and be a lot of translation.

During the course I will acquire a CCNA, CBROPS Associate and Linux Pro Institute Linux Essentials certificates.

My main questions:

1. Someone in the Hiring department or someone in the field, would you potentially hire me with these certificates or land me an interview ?What realistic entry level jobs could I land? Including past experience from the army as an intelligence research analyst – 3 years ( I also got several certifications of excellence during my service to show proof of work).
2. Do you think this course could be worth my money and time ( if I use it to improve myself and continue learning)? Is it enough to start with, what other sources should I learn?
3. Would like to know more about cybersecurity Defense and what could I expect in this career path.

**Current Job aspiration:** Looking to land a cybersecurity role as a threat analyst. Hoping this course and certificates could help me get a foot in the door in the field.My passion in general is in the research field, digging down to the tiniest details , finding trends and solving problems is what I would like to aspire to. I’m very curious and got the impression that the cybersecurity threat analysis field could fulfill my curiosity as a start . Looking for something that I will enjoy with a good enough salary that I could learn from and later use to invest and start my own company one day.

Edit 1: Typos/Grammar

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