September 25, 2021

Cybersecurity Marketing – What Job Titles Does the Audience Have?

I’m interviewing for my 1st ever job in the Cybersecurity industry. It’s a Digital Marketing Manager role with a ton of responsibility and a big salary. I am presenting a marketing plan to the CEO next week and he really expects me to already know the basics of the industry. This is not an entry-level job with a lot of hands-on mentorship.

One thing I am having trouble with is what job titles I should focus marketing campaigns on. For example, on Linked you can send ad campaigns to people with specific job titles, what would I include?

Obviously CISO and CIO, Information Security, etc. I know there are many more but I am confused what else.

For example, It seems IT is really involved with the execution cybersecurity, but some advice I saw said IT are never the decision makers so don’t market to them. But on the contrary, I also read that the IT team often makes recommendation to the CIO on what cyber products to purchase, so you should be marketing to them (not sure which is right)

TLDR: What specific job titles are involved in the buyer’s journey for cybersecurity products? Feel free to list as many as possible.

*if it helps, this company is strictly B2B and is trying to attract large enterprise accounts and Federal Agencies




So, can we back up for a second here?

> he really expects me to know the basics of the industry. This is not an entry-level job with a lot of hands-on mentorship.

**DO** you know the basics of the industry?

[Here]( is a map that does a good job of talking about the various parts of the cybersecurity industry- there are jobs for nearly all of those and many that cover multiple categories there.

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