July 6, 2021

Cybersecurity project as a student


Sorry for the long post.

TLDR: Project involving verifying torrents on a virtual machine for being safe from viruses/malware/trojans and commenting under the comments to eventually be recognized as being reliable. How could I demonstrate the experience gained from this in my resume to potential employers since I can’t link to the torrents on my website?



So I’m a student studying cybersecurity in college and I was thinking of a little project that would probably help me learn a lot and even add some depth to my resume. So I was thinking, what if I would go through gaming torrents on torrent websites and scan them for viruses/malware/Trojans, that sort of thing. I would scan them and comment underneath the torrent, giving it like a check mark of being clear of any type of things.

Eventually, I could probably get verified and recognized as being helpful in the community, all the while messing around in a virtual machine, and gaining some “cybersecurity” experience that I could talk about with any potential employers. I was thinking of using a website to kind of organize this project in terms of being able to show my experience to potential employers but since sharing links to pirated content is illegal, I’m unsure on the best way to really demonstrate my contributions.

I also figured that I could argue that people are gonna pirate anyways, might as well help keep them safe from viruses and other harmful things but I could be wrong and this could get me ostracized. I figured this might be a good place to ask this.



You mention the word “employer”. I would stay away from a torrent type project to show an employer.

Though a good idea, it may give them an unconscious bias against you due you using a torrent idea.

They may do it themselves on their personal time, but it isn’t a work thing and could disqualify you.


Very interesting idea.
My question is; how would that software differ from a current anti malware solutions?

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