I have a question about a specific career path for someone working in Cybersecurity. I have worked in IT for the better part of 10 years. I started in the Marine Corps (2651) and have continued in the field ever since getting out. I am about 1yr away from completing my bachelors degree in Cybersecurity. I have never held a job title that was explicitly cybersecurity related, though some of them included general cybersecurity work as part of the position.

**Is there anyone out there that has gone on to work in SALES with their cybersecurity degree?** If so, did you find that the degree helped you a lot? Or would you have been much better off with some kind of business/marketing degree? I’ve worked alongside some sales guys in the past at MSP jobs, and I was wondering if a background in cybersecurity could be useful in that realm. The thought is that you wouldn’t necessarily have the advantage (against someone who has sales experience) when speaking with the people that make the final decisions (CEO/COO/CFO/Ops Managers/etc..), but you could end up being able to speak a lot more intelligently to services and products when having discussions with the IT professionals (SOC manager, IT manager, etc..) for the company. In my (limited) experience, the decision-makers for purchasing new equipment and services will almost always take the advice of the SME in that field; in this case, the IT professionals.



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