January 14, 2021

Cybersecurity success stories

I want to hear the cybersecurity success stories. I’m currently in my last semester of university and I run a small social media page for our cybersecurity club. What I want to hear are the stories in which cybersecurity policies and procedures came out with the win. For example: Donna managed to save the company ×× amount of money because she had recieved a phishing email that she caught and reported correctly. Now that is a rather extremely simplified example. I want the to share how cybersecurity has positively affected an organization. I seen too many stories that go, “This breach happened and thats why we need protectionxyz.” I do not want to focus on “why we need secure passwords,” but rather individual instances in which that secure password saved them or thir organization. I get that a lot of people will just say “Well, I’ve never been compromised so that’s how it helped me,” but I’m willing to bet there are people out their with some pretty interesting stories and I just want to share them with my fellow students.



Deep dive on FireEye detecting their most recent breach. Nation state threat actors pinging around their system – and what tipped FireEye off to the compromise? A “device registered” event from their 2FA provider.


Holistic, risk-reducing protections are worth their weight in gold.

Great question btw. :)

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