June 9, 2021

Desperate help with this..

I got ratted 4 months ago and since then I’ve never done proper research/investigation in to what happened. During my research, I decided to see what my D drive had to offer. I don’t use my D Drive, but upon further inspection, it seems very suspicious.


Many of these files were modified on the day I was hacked, 01/02/2021. The most intriguing file name was “tracking.log”. I know its never wise to open notepad files, but in this case, I had no choice. I opened it, and it was just some cryptic blather.

I googled a bit about “tracking.log”, but I didn’t get far apart from figuring out that it was a system file. I did a malwarebytes scan of my D drive, it came clean. I did a windows defender scan of the d drive, that too came clean.


Do system files normally look that weird? Since my hacking I’ve changed my passwords many times, I’ve fac reset 4 times, 2 of which included a cloud reinstall of windows.

One thing of note, before I exited out of the notepad file, I saw windows powershell running in process hacker. Should I be concerned?

I’m on the verge of deleting all the files in the D Drive at this point, please answer if you can..

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