So I’ve been using ESET Internet Security for 4 years now. My licence is going to expire in another 7 days so I thought of renewing it. I previously bought the same AV for 3 years license from an online store we have in our country. I’ve had no problems all these years so I thought I’d do the same this time coz the prices are pretty cheap there.

So while looking for the AV, there was a license which can be activated for 3 years which was “Delivered by email” for a pretty good price. I checked the reviews and everyone is saying the product is genuine and they got their license activated for 3 years.

So, since everyone is saying its good and the key is being delivered by email so I won’t have to wait for it, I placed the order.

After about 5 hours I get an email BUT ITS NOT A KEY TO RENEW THE LICENSE. Instead there’s a link to google drive and then there’s a .rar file which is about 150mb which I need to download and extract.

After I download it and extract it. Some the files inside it:

1. A “watch me” video with the steps
2. eset_internet_security_live_installer
3. safe mode.cmd
4. activate ESET.cmd
5. normal mode.cmd

So here are the steps in the video in order to renew the license:

1. Run “eset_internet_security_live_installer” -> Give all positive answers and stuff and install the application (this was probably for the people who doesn’t have eset already on their computer) which does NOT install a 3 year version instead installs the trial version of the antivirus.
2. Then, Open ESET -> Click “free trial” and then it goes “verifying” -> Enter email address -> Confirm Email address -> Click “Activate” -> Verifying -> Click “Activate” -> Activating -> Activation was successful.
3. Then you can see the AV is updating in the background.
4. After updating, it logs windows into safe mode, the steps in the video are, Open “safe mode.cmd” -> opens a system configuration box -> Click “Boot” -> Tick “Safe Boot” -> Click “Minimal” -> Click “ok”
5. Restart PC
6. Open “activate ESET.cmd” -> press any key -> video says “you have successfully activated your product”
7. Then click “normal mode.cmd” -> Go to “boot” tab -> Untick “safe boot” -> “Apply” -> “Ok”
8. Refresh x3
9. Restart PC
10. Open ESET
11. And then it show license validity until 11/21/2024. Also, this isn’t 3 years from today. Its 3 years from 21st. The other people who uploaded screenshots of their activated products on the website also had the same date. Is that how ESET work, any product activated this month registers to 21st?
12. Then the video instructs to update again.
13. We can also add our ESET account to this according to the video.

So the product seems genuine but I’ve never installed a program this way so the whole thing is weird and suspious for me. Does anyone know about this or have a idea why such a process is required to renew my license. Is this some kind of crack or am I being stupid and being scared for no reason.

Sorry if this isn’t the correct sub to post this, please direct me to place where I can post this.

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