October 11, 2021

Do employers care about where your degree came from?

I’m a senior BS in Cybersecurity student and I graduate in a couple semesters. I’m working on getting my Network+, Security+, and A+ before I graduate, but I really want to make sure I know my stuff prior to spending all of that money to takes the exams. Currently, I go to a private school in my home state, studying online. The program here is actually pretty decent and it’s surprisingly ranked nationally by US News and a few other sites for being a good online Cybersecurity program. I’ve maintained about a 4.0 GPA and have made the Provost’s List several semesters (irrelevant I’m assuming?).

I plan to directly pursue a Masters once I graduate, and I’ve been conditionally accepted to UC Berkeley, Syracuse, and Johns Hopkins. My university also has a Masters program and it’s so much cheaper than the other schools, primarily because it’s in-state tuition rates.

My main question is: Do employers care about where my degree is going to be from? Sure it would be cool to have a MS in Cybersecurity from a popular school on my resume, but will the extra debt be worth the bragging rights? Will it help me find a job more easily? I’m comfortable with my current school and I feel like I’m getting a good education, but I’m looking to know what everyone else thinks.




Unless you’re dealing with bleeding edge orgs like Google, Microsoft, usually doesn’t matter. Degrees are mostly to get you through HR anyway. I’d take someone with 5 years of experience over a recent grad with degree


No. Experience and Certifications are more relevant. I would advise against going into debt to finance your education.

Stick with a Public or Private Non-Profit University. Stay away from For-Profit Colleges/Universities.

Look at affordable options like WGU or DSU for Cybersecurity.

Take the 30k or 50k you save on Education from a more expensive/prestigious university and put it toward paying for certifications, training, and invest the rest in index/mutual funds!



It matters a bit if it’s your first or second job (or an internship). The school could potentially bias a hiring manager one way or another. If you don’t have much experience yet, this could be a hurtle.

If tuition is a big deal for you, don’t go to a big name school for debt. You can always find a startup or small-ish company first and get some exp, then hop over after two or three years

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