January 7, 2021

Do I have ransomeware

So the strangest thing happened today. I was playing Minecraft single player and all of a sudden my keyboard stopped working. My mouse was still acting normally but I couldn’t type and all my keys didn’t work except my trackpad. And then my computer screen blacked out and went to what looked like the reinstall windows screen setup. I couldn’t get out of it and it looked like windows 10 was reinstalling. It then went through the normal set up and asked me to add my credit card info like windows does if you want to purchase something off the store, I didn’t want to but there was no option to skip it. It was weird cause I could wipe my screen to get to different desktops but they all had this on it. I then did the shortcut to restart my computer and then it was fixed. I’ve not downloaded anything on this laptop and have freshly installed windows 10 on it. It also went be back to the factory to be repaired as its hardware was defective. I also have not had any issues with the laptop like this up to this point and have not seen any strange behaviour. I’ve done virus scan after virus scan and searched through my files and monitored and nothing seemed out of place. If it was ransomeware it didn’t really lock my files or anything a simple restart fixed it, so it either it is really shitty ransomeware or just some dumb windows crap. I have been pretty worried lately but again I never received any message threatening me or any tampering with my files that wasn’t me. So if anyone could give me a hand and maybe give me some suggestions on how to fix this or what’s going on that would be great, thank you.

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