January 8, 2021

Does a dynamic IP configuration prevent DDos attacks?


No normal person gets DDoS’d, that is a fantasy.

And if you were a target of a DDoS, *nothing* you do with your connection or router can make any difference.

A DDoS attack needs a botnet, hundreds or thousands of machines around the world [That’s the “Distributed” part] trying to access one target machine or site at the same time and overloading the internet connection to the site being targeted.

Think of it as the electronic version of a “flash mob”, turning up somewhere and making the entrance too crowded and busy for any normal visitor to get through.

It is something the botnet creators save for major targets like big companies or governments, as they are risking vast fines and long imprisonment each time one is activated.

The only protection from DDoS is distributed filtering at internet switching centres and ISPs to prevent the “mob” connection ever getting near the target.

(The equivalent of checking people at airports and railway stations etc., so they never get near the target location to form a mob).

If you keep losing your connection, the single commonest cause is using WiFi rather than a wired ethernet connection.

If you are being specifically “kicked” from a server, again there is nothing you can do, other than stop doing whatever gets you kicked.

Looking back over your other questions, you don’t seem to understand the basic principles of networking and how network connections function.

Re. one of those, the firewalls in both your router and you computer or device should never be disabled and you should be using a good antivirus – not a free one, something like NOD32.

Plus adware & spyware protection: Malwarebytes, Superantispyware and Spybot Search and Destroy all work well and can all be installed at the same time, plus a good antivirus.

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