April 27, 2021

Does going to a college or a university make a difference in cyber security?

I’m a 12th grader who’s living in Toronto, Canada. I’m about to apply to a school for a bachelors degree in cyber security but what I want to know is will my post-secondary education affect my future job? Does it matter if I went to a normal college like Seneca or a top university like U of T? Is a university kid going to make more money than me after he/she graduated or it doesn’t matter at all? Would the university student learn more skills than a kid from a regular college? Or maybe this job is just skill-based? The more skills you know, the more money you can make as an individual?

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As someone who has been in the industry for about 5 years (to this day), and has been recruiting for the larger IT world for about 6 years (ending shortly before COVID), yes a *bachelor’s* degree matters in a relevant field. For resume material, from order of most important to least important:

* Experience
* Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
* Certs you can *intelligently* discuss the material of
* Master’s degree in Cybersecurity

Since “experience” is hard to get (cart before the horse), if you want to get into the field, go for a degree and get a good GPA, get an internship directly in cybersec (or any IT area; it’s important to understand what you’re trying to secure when securing it), and knock out a couple of certs. You’ll graduate in a great place.


Degree definitely helps but that alone won’t get you a job, I graduated in may and got a SOC position just a few months after graduating.

My school was only one of two in the state that had a Cybersecurity degree as far as I’m aware of. Which school isn’t a top concern as far as I’m aware of.

My degree isn’t what got me hired, it was my SOC internship which was only available to me because I was in college for cybersecurity. Which let me work and focus on a project / experience within a enterprise.

School means nothing if you don’t do anything with it.


If you’re that young, then do it. If you were 30yo then you might need to evaluate options.


The degree gets you knowledge, so does work experience. It all comes down to if you understand Security concepts, have a working knowledge of the platforms you’ll be securing or investigating. Work ethic, the ability to rapidly assimilate new information, the ability and desire to hunt for the answers and put in a day full of work is just as important.

One definite advantage of a degree is that companies will snipe you out of college, and you can get an entry level job. Security is one of these. I’ve had fine people come up and do well coming right out of college with computer degrees.
Internship information : [https://careers.microsoft.com/students/us/en/](https://careers.microsoft.com/students/us/en/)

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