Does one have to be a super uber python programmer/coder to before even to think about having a career in Cyber Security?

1-How much programming is required on day to day basis?

2-What can be entry level roles or career paths in this area for people looking for a career change.

Edit: Quick Google search shows that for entry level roles it’s not but for mid/senior roles it is.

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  • Rud2K

    November 1, 2021


  • castcoil

    November 1, 2021

    1. You may need to know programming concepts (such as secure best practices, Google SDLC), but no you don’t need to necessarily be able to build software or apps from scratch yourself. If anything scripting language knowledge would be more sought after, to be able to identify malware and help automate.

    2. Something like a junior security analyst, or even a junior system administrator could be good. Depends what you’re currently in and what experience you have. Anything IT-based will have opportunities to do security-related work that could go on your resume.

    Edit: by scripting languages I was meaning like powershell or bash. I didn’t see you said specifically python which is also used for scripting. Python would be useful, and some positions may want some exposure to it, but no I wouldn’t say you need to be an expert or even be proficient in it.

  • cluesthecat

    November 1, 2021

    Knowledge of programming, especially Python would definitely be beneficial in most security positions and IT in general. However, it’s far from needed.

    It’s more important to understand how to read and understand what the code is doing rather than being able to use it yourself.

    A cyber entry position is kind of a myth. An ‘entry’ position in cyber in my opinion would be all of the entry level IT positions. Help desk, sysadmin work, cloud infrastructure, etc. A good cyber candidate is someone that has a strong foundation of general IT knowledge. Once you’re there, then you can specialize in something you find interesting.

  • skimansgaming

    November 1, 2021

    I’m a cissp certified security manager, I don’t know more than some basic SQL and enough coding to modify VBS scripts for macros. There are a lot of security technician jobs that require a high degree of programming knowledge, but security management and information assurance is pretty light.


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