June 2, 2021

Does the industry value military experience?

I haven’t heard good things about tech in general and the military, particularly when it comes to national guardsmen and reservists so I just wanted perspectives from people who have/are serving or have hired such people. I’m an enlisted signal guardsman (army) and a senior in CS wanting to go into cyber warfare. In signal I haven’t met many enlisted who worked a tech job despite the overlap with their military jobs and plenty of opportunity for certs/training/education available. The ones who do said they left the military off their resumé entirely to get the job. I’ve heard everything from employers not wanting to deal with drills/deployments taking time off from work (which isn’t legal but still happens) to negative preconceptions about the military in general. I’ve heard more than once “you’re so smart, I’m surprised you joined the military” type comments and I’m worried that seems to be a prevailing attitude in the industry.



A whole lot of guys I work with are former military.

It’s not a negative at all, and if you have a clearance, it’s an enormous positive that nearly can’t be rivaled. Lots of defense contractors looking for former military guys with experience, certs, and clearances.


Don’t know where you heard that. Never seen it being an issue and companies, especially if you’re looking for cyberwarfare, expect a clearance. Which majority of the times come from military background. I also don’t see how someone would hide it on their resume. It’s going to come up during the process.

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