July 18, 2021

Don’t purchase Norton.

From what I’ve gathered there are better antivirus softwares out there, and Norton only does half the job.

Basically I wanted to warn people with my most current experience with them.

Background Ive been a Norton customer for about 5 years now, but this year was different and I got sketched out.

First off I purchased the Norton Plus Protection plan this time to protect multiple computers, but I couldn’t install it on my main computer. I tried deleting all previous files so that it would be a fresh start, I thought maybe it was an issue with Xfinity’s Norton that I initially installed on the computer, and I went through all the steps to get it to work. It didn’t, they asked if they could access my computer remotely to install it. I said no, if I couldn’t install it, then it was most likely a computer issue and it wouldn’t work. So I asked for a refund, they processed the refund.

I called them four days later to check up on the status of the refund. Someone from
customer service picked up, they sounded British. I didn’t remember my case number so I gave the agent my email to find it, they found it and confirmed it was issued. But then this is where it got weird, they asked me to verify my identity by sending me a text message to my phone & to read it back to them. I verified it, and then the phone call went silent and all of a sudden I hear people laughing in the background. This, made me want to hang up. I kept saying, “Hello?” Then he came back and was like, “I’m sorry I don’t know what happened there the call cut off.” And then he said it looks like the refund was issued to the card ending in “last four” I said thanks and hung up.

Fast forward to a few days later and I get that stimulus text message scam. Where scammers are trying to take control of the phone via a link. This made me want to change my phone number all together.

Norton employees are most likely working with scammers compromising your personal information.

FYI when the call ended I called Norton again to confirm that I did talk to a Norton employee and yes I did.

The whole thing made me upset.

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