July 6, 2021

Downloaded malware / trojan by accident, how do i make sure everything is removed?

Yesterday i accidentally downloaded a malware, unfortunately i didn’t have any real time virus protection on at the time, the second i opened it i figured out it’s malware, i instantly turned on windows defender, it was a ransomware that encrypted some of my files and put a notepad document saying how to pay to get my files back, unfortunately it didn’t have time to encrypt any important files, so i just deleted it, i also had some folders named password.txt where it looks like all my google chrome saved passwords / emails / logins was stored in plaintexts around my computer, i’ve deleted everything i can find, i have run malwarebytes scans over and over, and it’s looking clean now, but when i scan again it sometimes show a new trojan / malware which i just let it quarantine, but i’m wondering why it is after a new scan it will find another trojan / malware, does this mean it’s still on my drive somewhere multiplicating or something since malwarebytes keep finding more?

What else i’ve done is use the malwarebytes adw removal tool as well as rkill, i’m currently searching my computer with Kaspersky, Sophos Virus removal tool and Eset online scanner, waiting for these to finish.

How can i make sure that everything is removed and that my pc is safe?

Edit: This is some of the now quarantined malwares and such found:




Most likely theres an backdoor in your system, you should backup any important files and factory reset

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