June 2, 2021

Downloading BitTorrent gave me a virus | Can I recover any information before DBAN’ing the PC?

Device OS: Windows 10

Device status: Operable; but, slower than normal.

Application downloaded: BitTorrent; Side-downloaded Lavasoft and “Windows” files.

AntiVirus & removal tools used: Norton (pre-current infection) & Malwarebytes (post-infection).

Any Luck:
not really, computer degraded in speed and Norton uses majority of CPU at every sec.

Back in February I downloaded BitTorrent and I selected No to all their side downloads; however, they automatically started downloading Lavasoft, Lavasoft helpers, “Windows signed” files, and my default browser and search engine changed to bing but went through a website called “seegonow.”

Norton was up-to-date and always running but didn’t pick up on anything. When I noticed the search engine thing, I ran multiple Norton full system and root kit scans but nothing down; so I downloaded Malwarebytes and they noticed some Windows files but none of Lavasoft files.
I found Lavasoft files and scripts from pinning the time down and the programs installed at that time. I had done more research to find more near the ones malwarebytes found some.

I have a lot of information on the computer and some data I cannot replicate. Is there any options on saving some data without compromising it? I just want to save some of the data onto an external hard drive and then I will DBAN the Computer a few times and try to reinstall Windows.



Try a restore point, if system restore enabled.

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