May 17, 2021

E-2-E Encryption – Freedom of online expression vs fighting child abuse

This is a very interesting article on E-2-E encryption and the fight against child abuse file sharing online. The thin line between freedom of expression online and the fight to find and stop abusers is very tricky to navigate. I’m firmly on the side of finding new ways to target abusers while also rolling out stronger encryption to more people on more platforms but it’s a delicate subject and this article does a good job or highlighting both sides of the argument in smart way. Anyway, I thought some of you may find this interesting.



With video processors getting faster and faster one wonders if hardware detection of likely images could be implemented once it hits multiple likely images it locks for an hour, a day, a week. After that if you want to unlock your display again? A snapshot of the frame buffer will be sent to your governments department…. Okay so false positives will be a problem but eventually they wouldn’t be and eventually all hardware would support the standard (which would be mandated internationally). Now we can keep our encryption and the problem moves to the one place where it’s unencrypted. Could also be implemented in camera processors to stop it at the recording end…. or something like that. Of course the ‘services’ will still want backdoored encryption because ‘terrorists’

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