September 22, 2021

Edward Snowden urges users to stop using ExpressVPN

Edward Snowden urges users to stop using ExpressVPN



What vpn would he recommend? I’d assume something based in a non-us aligned country and then connect the VPN to Tor.


Use Mullvad, never trust anything that sponsors youtubers (even outside of VPNs). Also, install sponsorblock for good measure.


If you’re using exclusively to get US Netflix, yeah that’s totally ok.

But if you’re using it for privacy, god help you.


Any vpn really….


There has been enough VPN problems at this point you’re better off not trusting any of them and using your own methods of encryption instead.

October 2019 NordVPN

February 2021 SuperVPN, GeckoVPN, and ChatVPN

April 2021 Pulse Secure VPN

July 2021 LimeVPN

September 2021 Fortinet VPN


There are always Log Watchers


What’s your opinion on setting up your own vpn?


Can someone explain why this guy is such a big deal? People still acting like he’s a freaking wizard because he had his CEH.


I’ve never been a fan of ExpressVPN but I don’t see the need to cancel a subscription if you have one. Doesn’t look like something went wrong for the product, just consequences catching up.


Is this a joke? Ppl trust Edward Snowden now?


Well Edward Snowden is a traitor so can we also stop using him in references in articles? That’d be great.




There goes the Youtubers sponsor money


This is hypocritical. Why do you trust a ex-hacker turned cybersecurity professional, (no one specific) but not an ex-gov.-spy-op turned data security pro?

It’s basically the same. But hackers are romanticized. – in fact even Edward worked for the CIA and now he is the spokesman of privacy.

I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, even if it does look like they’re undeniably bad. Really, guys. Have some compassion or whatever. So many people are in US Jails because they’re not proven innocent. I know this isn’t the correct analogy, but – just … why do you have to jump to conclusions?


Traitor says what?


Welp, guess that cements my potential concerns in my last noted about expressvpn.

I guess he was still sus.

Would still like an AMA from the guy, though!


Let me upgrade that statement: if you are using **any** VPN service you are a fool and shouldn’t be


Good for him


Well that might be interesting if I gave a fuck about Edward Snowden.


LOL, snowden is at this point a Russian asset. We should be weary of any ” advice” he says.


Snowden next tweet ” hey everyone use my VPN that i have developed with the help of the russian government, i promise they are good people and wont take your information” what a clown.

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