January 22, 2021

Emotional Distress after being Hacked. How to cope with paranoia and anxiety of being hacked again or that i am being hacked at the present moment.

I downloaded some malicious files a few days ago and a hacker gained access to my google chrome saved passwords. They proceeded to log in to my google, facebook, nicehash, and binance. us accounts. They did not change anything from the looks of it and i immeadiately enabled 2fa on the important accounts and wiped my pc. I then changed all my passwords after setting up my pc but was paranoid and decided to reset it again. Now i have changed all my passwords and enabled 2fa on all of them. I am still very paranoid that somehow there might have been a rootkit that made it past the reset. I have no evidence of this but this whole ordeal has left me mentally drained, paranoid, depressed, and feeling violated. Any advice on how to feel more secure while using my computer? and how to cope with this? I know it sounds stupid but added onto the problems I am facing IRL at the moment my life is really stressful right now.



Education is the only cure. Like shining a light into the scary depths.

One needs to run malicious files not just DL them.
maybe use a vm to play with iffy content next time.

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