April 30, 2021

Entry/junior level cyber security Jobs?

I’m unsure what kind of jobs or pathways are out there. I read alot that cyber security roles are never entry level. So I’m trying to get a feel for what to expect.

By the end of the year I’ll have a diploma in Networking and a diploma in system administration.
I’m decent at programming, more towards web development .Net, okay at full stack better at front end.

I spend alot of my own time on TryHackMe also. I’ve started attempting some CTF’s after going through alot of the learning rooms. The CTF’s take time but I get through them eventually.

Should I focus on going for a junior software developer job? (May be rough because I’m self taught, don’t know if networking or Sys admin diplomas are enough to land me a job)
Maybe a junior system admin or networking job?

Can I expect a junior CS job after I finish my diploma in Networking?
Or should I realistically set the expectation to a help desk job and work my way up?

I would love either a career down the road of analyst or pen testing (long term).

On another note, if I were to go for certs in my spare time what certs would throw me on a good learning track, and be desirable for employers?

I live in Australia if that helps with the accuracy of expected jobs.

Sorry for the wall of text, I appreciate any feedback!



In this boat. I’m looking at helpdesk/support jobs in companies or agencies with a large security wing of their IT department. For example a company near by has a large security department and they were hiring helpdesk a while ago. You network and maybe introduce yourself and get to know them. Offer help once in a while.

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