April 2, 2021

family gave me cursed pc…looking for a ghost and failed over 30 different times, several new drives, but it’s internal .js code xss scripting

the worst part be traces and logs seem to disappear or become corrupt, moved or i end up needing to start over EVERY time, it’s incredibly frustrating. I’ll find traces of it through windows search.exe to places and files+ logs i never touch, sometimes i think I’m getting lucky on a path and get guided to another “oh that’s normal, everyone has that” kinda thing.

one thing for sure is every time i reinstall windows i get a failure from that very first sign in, even if i don’t connect to wifi, settings seem to have minds of their own or don’t sync or worse DO sync and then i start loosing files and denial of services, inability to share media or sign in for help cause it’s always SOMETHING.

this .. sucks.. win10, Mesh wifi network with the most stubborn fucking administrator who think shes wise for managing a Pie Hole but has 0 idea how gullible she really is and im really at a whim on how the fuck to move on from this infuriating persistent ghost of a turd , if it’s even there or just paranoid like most threads i see ppl put about this kinda thing.

best sources i could find of evidence where through chrome://urls such aa http:// local pages. finding lots of hidden or obfuscated extensions or hidden source, hosts or anything usable to identify where the hell it comes from and i ALWAYS have things happen differently , sometimes i see it through browser, sometimes through file history on other devices, or idk


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