I got a call from a scammer and I thought I will play with the scammer. The scammer asked me to go [fastsupport.com/apple](https://fastsupport.com/apple) and to have fun I said yes of course and let the remote connection happen. The scammer opened up command prompt and did netstat commands and saying my computer is full of virus. He then asked me to login to my email (of course I didn’t and started making excuses). He soon figured out I am playing with him so he just disconnected. I was disappointed :D. I knew my laptop is infected, so I turned off the laptop. I had a bootable Windows 10 USB. So I plugged it in and reinstalled Windows 10 after formatting the hard drive.

I thought I am no longer infected. I spent sometime downloading and installing softwares that day. The next day I got into Chrome and logged into my Gmail. I had two factor authentication. I used notification on my Android to verify. As soon as I verified, the Gmail login page asked my password again. I entered my password again. I again got notification for verification and I allowed it. Then Google asked me to enter a very old security feature. Asking to enter answer to a security question. I still didn’t think it is abnormal and entered my secret question. Then I got access to my gmail. After I checked my email and browsed for sometime and then I thought it was fishy to see my very very old security question asked so I shutdown the Windows, logged into my Mac to see logged in devices in my Account. I saw 2 new login. One was the Windows and another was unknown with a complete different IP. I realized that I got hacked. So basically by knowing my security question, they could change the password without needing the phone verification. I immediately deleted that very old security question feature and logged me out of all my accounts. This whole thing happened within 30 mins. If I waited longer the hacker could have reset my password and got full control. Now I had no idea how the virus existed even after I reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled Windows. So this time instead of using the bootable Windows 10 usb to format, I used a bootable ubuntu USB to wipe everything again. Then I installed Windows 10. I didn’t think the virus still existed and continued using the Windows laptop. Logged into Steam, downloaded games, logged into Gmail. No unusual activity on my accounts. However, I noticed my network started acting weird, my Wi-fi converted from WPA2 to WPA and no matter how I tried I couldn’t get it back to WPA.

Now I think I don’t have any virus on my Windows, but I had many other devices in my network. Fire TV, Google Home, Eco Dot. Is it possible that somehow through network virus spread to these devices? Is it possible for a hacker to get into router through windows and get hold of network?

I am little bit concerned now thinking if my network is compromised. I suspect this because after this incident I am unable to change my Wi-fi from WPA to WPA2, as soon as I change it to WPA2 and logout of the router, it changes back to WPA. I saw online that WPA is not secure and network activity can be monitored by anyone else in the network. Maybe its all in my head but still…..

How do I know if my network is compromised?

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