September 21, 2021

Father of Four Becomes Six-Figure Cybersecurity Expert By Age 27 Without a Degree

Father of Four Becomes Six-Figure Cybersecurity Expert By Age 27 Without a Degree



> I became the go-to computer guy even though I didn’t know anything. I was just using google.

This is the way.


Not to be the party pooper but he did have 5-6 years of IT experience (which made it possible for him to study and get the CISSP afterwards).


This sounds a lot like my story. I fell into IT and first job was a low level tech mostly fixing simple stuff like printers. No experience. A few months in the sys admin quit and I started picking up his stuff. Lots of Google. Then I got the title of sys admin. Ended up going and starting my own company. Sold it and now manage a data center environment for a large company making great pay. Still don’t have a degree or any certifications. Everything’s been learned on the job or through Google or books.


I have no degree or certificates and I’m in a senior analyst role. It can happen but a good amount of luck is involved.


He discovered the secret of IT Security: the boring stuff pays best


Is there a career path in cybersecurity that works well for socially awkward introverts? Any advice appreciated

Ty so much


Cool story and all but six-figure at 27 in a Fortune 500 without degrees or connections is 100% luck.


Good read. Thanks.


This is what’s wrong with the industry. I’m happy he is doing well for himself and providing for his family but as professionals in the industry we shouldn’t applaud this. I know he does have experience and is most likely underselling himself but others seeing this will get the wrong impression. We should aim to have the same standards in other scientific fields.


that is really awesome


I think this story will play out for many, many parents in the coming years. These certifications have helped level the playing field a bit for people without degrees. I’ve seen this first-hand. A few ~$100 certifications and a few hundred hours of preparation. If you want to take the CISSP (which Boyd recommends in the article) freeCodeCamp has a free 13 hour course to prepare for it.


Now Boyd is scamming the new folks with his “IT Bootcamp”. No thanks.


I’m sure being black didn’t hurt. Big Corp like he got hired by is desperate to hire POC in these roles no matter what.

I mean they talk about being an expert in PCI DSS in the article like it’s some top secret knowledge only accessible to the highest levels when it’s just the same stuff as anything else in a different package. I don’t discredit anyone, in fact more power to you, but the experience of this article has not been mine, with a very similar trajectory except I wasted 5 years on the military


It’s timing, luck, & preparation. All three have to line up for success like this to happen. Clearly he wasn’t an overnight miracle …


Meaningless. You can earn 100k with ANY field your good at and is a specialty. Legal Assistant, cosmetology, cutting grass, flooring and carpentry, A/C technician, etc.


Really good story!


Good for him! :)


Most business small, medium, and Enterprise have issues in their IT process, and be there at the right time to solve the issue can help boost your value in management perspective.


Got Net+ and Sec+ certs after a 4month boot camp and now I’m 2 weeks away from my First anniversary as a Security Analyst. I’m 31, no degree!


All you have to do is get at least a couple of IT certifications and you can get salary of >$70,000. This was something a teacher I once said and he was mentioning CompTIA certifications.
And my brother has a six figure salary in an investment company without going to college. In his case, he has years of experience.


I try googling a problem and all I end up with is the “why are you such a [email protected]#&ing noob go read the documentation” answers.


I have zero college and zero certifications and make way more. PCI DSS is pretty straightforward tbh.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to have those things. Being able to do the job is the only thing that matters.

You can teach yourself the PCI DSS in a week.


Thats 1.5 figure per child. I’m doing way better!

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