August 27, 2021

First IT Certification/College AS in Cyber Defense Questions


I couldn’t seem to find any pathway at my local community colleges for CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+. So, I decided to try going for a community college Associate of Science Degree in Cyber Defense: [](

I am concerned though that these courses and this major have no prerequisites/experience listed, and the first two courses I’m currently taking begin to prepare you for the CompTIA Security + (CIS 195), and the CCNA (CIS 230+). I have read that the CCNA is much more difficult than Network+, and that Network+ recommends “A+ with 9-12 months of networking experience” alongside Security+ recommending ” CompTIA Network+ and two years of experience in IT administration with a security focus “.

I still have until Saturday to decide if I can get a refund on either the 195 Security+ or 230 CCNA courses. I frantically decided this last minute as an attempt to get some IT industry experience much sooner while going to school for 3-4 years (much longer) for an Information Systems or Computer Science major. I’m about to turn 29, so I’m desperate for work experience in the industry.

Also, am I correct in assuming that concepts from CCNA and CompTIA Network+ are completely different, so I wouldn’t be able to go that route instead once prepared for the CCNA?

Will this route of skipping the advised path of A+ to Net+/CCNA to Sec+ be likely unsuccessful? Should I refund my CIS courses and just self study hard this semester for the A+ and Net+? I’m very interested in a successful route to get working in the cybersecurity field.

I’d really appreciate some feedback, thank you!

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