April 19, 2021

First job salary questions

Hello !

I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. I quickly got a job as a Customer support / Rules engineering in a small (20 people) email spam filtering company.

We recently have been bought by a bigger (300+ people) company, and my job will essentially be to learn Customer support while we transition into the new company to help out, but I am to be assigned in the security department full-time in 2-3 months.

My probation ends this week and I know for a fact they plan on keeping me aboard. My supervisor mentioned he expects them to offer me 25$/hour (CAD). Now, I am wondering should I be satisfied with that ? Should I try to negotiate ? A friend of mine in this field recommended I take whatever they offer me (giving it is 25$+) since I don’t have that much experience, learn with the company, build knowledge / network, and in 1-2 years ask for a raise or change company and then get a bigger salary.

Some more things to know :

* I don’t have that much experience in Cybersecurity, did some CTFs + 3 months in the company as a rules engineering. The same friend I mentioned told me I would probably enjoy pentesting a lot given my interests.
* My supervisor mentioned the salaries in our department (before we were bought out) are around 26-31$/hour, I don’t know yet how the new company will affect those
* We have some great perks (budget for office furniture, glasses/psychologists are partly reimbursed, etc.)
* People really appreciate me, everybody told me I learned faster than most of them and I received very good feedback from our clients
* I have no Cyber Security certs as of yet, I might consider it eventually, once my debts are cleared
* Most of what I learned regarding email will transfer to the new company, but I (as everyone else) will be learning new technologies from scratch

Thanks for your advice and let me know if you need clarifications/have questions to help guide me! :)

P.S. English is not my mother tongue, so sorry if some things are worded in a weird way

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