June 7, 2021

Free Udemy course – Cyber Security: From Beginner to Expert

We are happy to share our free course on Udemy. A **comprehensive course** that includes step-by-step explanations of **core Cyber Security concepts** along with follow-up **quizzes** and **hands on labs** to ensure a solid learning for the course taker.

Designed by a Cyber Security **expert** with a **PhD degree** and premium Cyber Security certifications, this course has been designed to **make it extremely simple to learn** complex Cyber Security concepts. **Designed for beginners and aspiring Cyber Security** professionals, this course will help you master the major domains and launch a **successful career** in the Cyber Security industry. It is also a good starting point for students targeting Cyber Security certifications like **Security+** and **CEH**.

**Domains covered:**

* **Foundations of Cybersecurity** (CIA, Security Governance, Identity Federation, Cryptography, Hashing, Digital Signatures)
* **Network Security** (Primer on Computer Networks, Protocols, HTTPs, TLS/SSL, VPNs, IPSec, SSH, Firewalls, NAT, Port Scans)
* **Cyber Attacks** (Man-in-the-Middle Attack, DoS/DDoS, Password Attacks, Social Engineering, Network Attacks)
* **Web Application Security** (Web App Architecture, SQL Injections, Blind SQL Injections, Cross-Site Scripting)
* **Malware** (Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Ransomware, Logic Bombs and Root kits, Anti-malware)

This is a comprehensive course that covers both **theory** and **practice**.Our **hands-on labs** will teach you skills which you can directly use in your job:

* Spot phishing emails, investigate whether the links or attachments are malicious and whether you should block the domain
* Carry out port scanning and discover which services are running on your web server
* Carry out an actual SQL injection attack on a website and learn how to prevent these attacks
* Carry out a blind SQL injection attack on a website by leveraging boolean and time-base inference techniques

**As a fledgling startup, we look forward to your help and support.**

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