April 19, 2021

friend got fired unfairly – need help to prove innocence

Throw back account for a friend’s problem. For real, just posted at /aww to gain karma to be able to post this message.
**tl;dr** He got fired with the accusation of turning on a colleague’s work laptop during after hours, and checking her WhatsApp messages. He’s desperately in need of help to prove his innocence.


I have a huge problem at work which caused my employer ends my contract at work.

I was blamed for turning on a colleague’s Mac, entering a password and opening her WhatsappWeb. But none of those happened as far as I remember.

This colleague, received a notification to her phone that her Whatsapp Web is activated. I was the only person in the office during that interval (and the interval should be less than 2 or 3 minutes due to the camera recordings outside the office) and that is the reason they blamed me.

The company’s IT department concluded that somebody turned on the mac and they shared 2 logs ([link #1](https://imgur.com/GHFOfbj), [link #2](https://imgur.com/vPu7Otz)) and a screenshot of [her Chrome History](https://imgur.com/f83crn4) with me. The IT did not share all the logs with me and the employer did not let me around the mac anymore, so that I could not do anything to prove my innocence.

On the other hand, I claim and I might hit the desk or put something on the desk which was the reason of the mac woke and sent her a notification. However, I cannot prove how it appeared on chrome browser history.

Does anyone know that if it is possible to see WhatsappWebon chrome browser history, when the mac wakes up from sleep?

If it is not possible to appear on chrome history, somebody might connect the device remotely to lead me to trouble.



> But none of those happened as far as I remember.

This language is not as sharply definitive as I’d expect from someone who genuinely hasn’t done anything.

“I did not turn on her mac” is much much different than “I did not turn on her mac *as far as I remember.*”

Because that second one says “Hey, maybe I did and I just forgot.”

Which is not a thing that seems likely for a reasonably stable person with no mental illness.

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