October 11, 2021

General Advice & Questions needed for a young college kid


I am going to try my best to make this post not awfully long or boring in regard to my fears. I generally came here seeking advice and just to get a better insight into the field, but now I am having a crisis of saying to myself “Am I good enough for this field?”. To give a bit of insight into who I am, so all of you have a basic background of like what I’m studying, etc. I am a Senior in college currently who is applying for my Master’s of Information Sciences program, as I am in my undergrad for my Bachelors of Information Technology and Informatics with my concentration being Cyber Security (Graduating Winter 2022). I have always had a huge interest in Cyber Security, it was my dream field when I was younger (I guess it still is, but I am far from sure at this point.)

When I was younger I was always a very technical person; throughout high school, I built computers, got my first 2 CCNAs, and now I am trying to finish up college. But now after taking one of my first security courses I am learning I do not have any of the technical skills for the field, sure I know theories, how to look for vulnerabilities but to do anything more I am at a loss. So any help with getting me the technical experience I would really appreciate. After lurking on this subreddit for a time I have read a lot about getting your foot in the door with help desk jobs in a corporate atmosphere to help you understand how it all works. Last Summer (2021), I was lucky enough to be accepted at an international company doing help desk type of work. Though, this work did range from general user-based support to network management, hardware repair, and even a lot of database work. I felt over the summer I learned quite a lot, and my boss liked me so much that he kept me on as a part-time employee during the semester, and wants me to apply for the full-time position come spring! I want to know am I on the right path? Are there things I can change about myself to give me a better understanding of the field? I will also appreciate any other general advice. Finally, I wanted to know about salary if anyone is willing to share, and it does not need to be from a job in cyber security (IT support, admin, etc). I only ask because my father passed away shortly after I graduated high school, and my mother doesn’t make a large sum of money currently. So I am trying to shoot for a higher paying job in hopes I can help her be in a more comfortable place at a point since we are still paying my father’s hospitals bills.

Thank you all for your help and guidance!

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