Hey guys, just wondering some opinions out there.


Currently have been full time in IT infrastructure doing a hybrid position resolving tech issues, desktop setups, hardware inventory, software installs, taking HD calls, etc., before that I was in a full help desk position. I have been in IT for slightly over a year now and have SEC+.

I do IT cyber stuff part time for the Air Guard but it’s slow moving learning anything valuable as it is only once a month (trying to get them to send me to RMF and remedy schools).

*Ultimate goal is to get into Cybersecurity and eventually consulting but I want to learn more technical aspects in order to be more valuable to a company and clients and actually know what I am talking about instead of just selling. I also wanted to get a full year of IT infrastructure before moving to a cyber analyst role.

Question: Being that I work full time, would you recommend CySA+ next or should I just learn some coding on the side on one of the free sites like free code camp? I suppose I could do both, but I am not really wanting to add too much to my plate as I do work OT often. It’s hard for me to justify another cert if it is not going to add true value to my path. Just curious what some thoughts are out there.

Thank you in advance

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  • WackyWheelsDUI

    November 17, 2021

    Since you already have some cyber experience, my recommendation would be to learn some C programming and pair that with some CTF challenges. IMO this is will give you a deeper understanding of some common vulnerability types. Also, the more puzzle-solve-y stuff will actually stick with you rather than than the memorization based stuff will (i.e. the certification training). But I don’t actually work in cyber sec yet so take my opinion with many grains of salt.

  • Several-Listen7915

    November 17, 2021

    Cyber security is an incredibly broad field so you should probably spend some time exploring what appeals to you. Maybe look at what cyber security roles are recruiting in your area and what requirements they have.

    Cysa+ is a good cert but it’s pretty specific to soc analyst roles if this is what your looking to do.


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