Hello, I am interested in getting into the tech field. Mainly because it’s a growing field, a lot of the positions are remote and I’ve always been into technology. My question is, how do I do so?
I have my electrical engineering degree and from what I’ve been reading online is that I have to get certifications to even be considered for any tech position??? Need clarification on that.

What tech jobs could I possibly land with my degree in engineering?

Should I go ahead and get certified before applying?

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  • Cypher_Blue

    October 25, 2021

    If you have a degree in electrical engineering, you’re already in “tech.”

    Cybersecurity is a huge field, but as big as it is, it’s just a tiny sliver of the “tech” field.

    So this question is a little useless until and unless you can tell us what you want to do?

    In cybersecurity, do you want to do compliance work? Secure architecture? Pen testing? Incident response? Application Security?

    All of those are different, and have different skillsets and requirements. If the only thing you tell us is “I want a job in tech and my degree is in EE, then the only real answer we can give you is “Go be an electrical engineer.”

    Can you code? Do you have networking experience? What do you think you might want to do?


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