October 12, 2021

Getting really worried I won’t find another job

Hey again /r/cybersecurity – I need more advice. I’m still desperately looking for IT Support/Jr. Sysadmin/L1 SOC Analyst roles. I’ve been applying to jobs all year (recently hit 800 applications for 2021) but since resigning my previous role as a Hybrid IT Analyst I’ve had to kick things into overdrive because I have to move across the country in a few weeks and don’t want to move out on my savings. *The reason I left is primarily because after I found out I was going to moving across the country so soon, I had only been there for 4 months and they were about to start getting me badges/codes/meetings with our large client base and I didn’t want to waste their time so I left mutually and gracefully.*

I thought it’d be somewhat easy to find a new role given I now have 10 months of experience. (6) as a SOC Analyst and (4) as an IT Analyst. Unfortunately, in the past three weeks I’ve sent out ~300 job applications and only gotten 5 interviews. **3 of which closed the position before hiring anyone.** The other two interviews didn’t work out. Yes, I know the short tenures at my previous jobs might look bad, but I had to leave both positions for good reasons, and I cannot change the past.

What I’m doing:

* ✅ On LinkedIn HOURLY sending messages, connecting with recruiters, and trying to network.
* ✅ Applying to jobs DAILY. My quota is 30-40 job applications daily.
* ✅ Directly contacting MSPs/MSSPs, introducing myself asking if they’re hiring. Unfortunately none of them ever reply to me.
* ✅ Using tailored resumes. I have a set of 4 resumes depending on which type of job I am applying to.
* ✅ Using a good resume. I developed my resume based off of /r/cybersecurity advice and then had it further reviewed by multiple hiring managers/SOC managers (shout out to them for taking time to review my resume) and they all said it was well-made.

I don’t know what to do, I stopped being picky and I’m applying to even T1 Helpdesk roles. For some reason however, I’m not even getting HR screening calls. I’m getting really, really scared because I worry that I’ll never find a new job. I really want a permanent role, a company I can stay at for a long time and not have to fill out a job application ever again.

Here is my current resume. This is the version tailored for SOC roles. If any hiring managers or team leads are reading this please message me if you have any opportunities I’d be a good fit for. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/420016757043101696/897403657459486720/censoredresume.png

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