January 4, 2021

Girlfriend getting hacked by ex. Need serious help.

Hello everyone. My girlfriend who I’ve been dating for about a year now is constantly getting hacked by her ex. He works in IT and is a senior position. Unfortunately she has kids with him so it’s hard for her to completely block him from her life. It’s put a lot of strain on our relationship due to the measures we have to take. He has hacked her Samsung to the point that it wouldn’t respond to a factory reset and she had to take it into the store for them to get through on it. He has placed cameras in her room to spy on her and she recently found that. She’s changed her google account password multiple times and other apps but somehow he still manages to get through. Recently he’s taken screenshots of her chats on Snapchat and she has no idea what happened to the pictures. It’s driving her completely crazy and I just want to help.

What kind of measures can she take so that this doesn’t happen?



Sounds like stalking and harassment. Bring your evidence to the police.


There’s always 3 sides to every story.
The truth.

If she wont report him to the cops then there’s something she doesn’t want known..


If you have evidence that he is doing this then take it to the police. You should have talked to the police when you found the cameras tbh.


Change phones, get Bitwarden and change every account password. 2 factor auth every account possible (with a yubikey if you can). Secure laptops or PCs in the home considering he has access to the home.

Make sure the kids don’t have any access to accounts in case he’s using them to get in.


Sorry to hear this is happening to her.

I highly recommend switching to iphone. As much as I love Android phones, you can rig the bootloader/os to do some unpleasant things that a factory data reset doesn’t fix.

I had written something like this here: https://www.reddit.com/r/privatelife/comments/jse969/need_help_tech_savvy_ex_might_be_closer_than_i/gbyrouj/

Also, definitely get police involved. If he is a senior IT person he might have abused some facilities his work has given him access to. Should his employers realize he is not trustworthy and abusive, they might demote or terminate him. Either through police or attorney or … get him to understand he can absolutely lose his job now if he continues.

Edit: get a physical Titan or [yubikey](https://www.yubico.com) 2-factor key for the google account. Don’t use text message 2 factor if he has hijacked the phone before.


This is harassment and stalking as other people have been saying. Obviously you are saying that the police aren’t an option. My suggestion (even though in my opinion is that you should go to the police) is to get a new phone(with a new number) and have some sort of burner phone (with or without a new number) and use the burner phone(preferably a flip phone or something within that category) for stuff regarding her ex. As for the accounts, make sure that they are not linked to anything such as the other accounts, public platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Etc., and do two step verification on everything you can. Honestly if I were you lot in that situation I would go to the police. I understand about wanting your kids to have a relationship with their dad but this is a toxic relationship between your gf and her ex. If you went to the police then I am pretty sure that one day the kids could understand why.

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