August 27, 2021

Gmail and filters.

This post is more of a know that it is exists and to check than a you’re in danger type of thing. But I thought that this might be of note because of how hard it is to find. If you are unaware in gmail you can create a filter for a certain email address or a word in that email that automatically does something with it. The reason that this is important is because this can be utilized to make it so that it seems nothing is wrong on the service but in reality all important emails go to trash. About 2 years ago I was hacked and they used this method to clean up my main email and everything important was sent to trash. I knew that this was happening shortly after going into trash, however I never fixed the issue of all of those emails going into trash.

The main point of this post is just to alert you that this is a thing. **To check your filters click the settings icon in gmail then click on see all settings, then go into blocked addresses tab,** and you can see all of your filters. In my scenario the phrases bank, ups, alert, and googles email were set so that they would automatically go to trash. I just thought this was something that was interesting, and at least for me I’ve got a couple keywords that automatically get filtered as important now. I’m not sure why google hasn’t made a block list of words that can’t be filtered yet, as if there were a block list (just a hundred or so key phrases like password and such) this would be basically solved.

I do recommend this especially if you know you got hacked a while ago.

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