March 28, 2021

Google search engine compromised?

Some time ago I accidently clicked on malware ad and it made my google search engine show weird results (mostly porn related things when what I searched for wasn’t sexual at all). The way I found out was going into incognito and seeing the results were way different and then I used Malwarebytes and it got rid of it and it was back to normal.

I think it’s also important to mention that it only happened when I searched for things that not many people searched for, so if I for example searched for “United States” the results were perfectly normal.

Now I have a similiar problem, but the first few google search results are fine although not very accurate to what I searched for, but then on the 2nd/3rd page there’s fishy sites. And it doesn’t change no matter what device I use and even if I use incognito, Malwarebytes doesn’t detect anything either. I am kind of paranoid that somehow the wifi is compromised or something so I want to ask more clever people here, is there a way that could happen and how to check it? I would want to ask my friends about their results but all of them are in different countries which I think would affect the google search results.



Remove addons and change your home page.

Chrome does have a factory reset setting too. Personally I like the new edge browser and Firefox better.

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