January 14, 2021

Google’s password Manager vs NordPass

Hi, if you couldn’t tell, I’m not the smartest when it comes to this which is why I’m asking here. I’m not sure if this is even the right place to ask but if you can give any advice I’d appreciate it!

Basically, as a typical pleb I’ve been racking up my saved password under my google account. Recently I got a subscription for NordVPN. They also offer a password manager NordPass. I am debating whether to transfer all my saved passwords over to NordPass and wipe them on my google account for the sake of security. I only want all my passwords under one holder so would I be better off moving everything to NordPass or is google’s password manager secure enough where it essentially makes no difference?

As another related question, would just writing everything down in a notebook and storing it in a safe be the absolute secure way or are these password manager software safe enough to be virtually (ha get it?) never hacked?

Thanks for the help.



Also, yes I have heard about other more popular password managers such as 1Password, Lastpass, Dashlane, etc. But with my use case both google and Nordpass are overkill in terms of features and I am sticking with one or the other for the sake of convenience since I already use both of their other services. If I ever need a specific feature, I’ll figure out what I’ll use then.


I have a friend who tried Nord for a while and had several issues with it over the course of his use.

I’ve been using bitwarden for a couple years now (at least) and love it.

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