March 31, 2021

Got offer letter for another company while interning at current company?

So I’m graduating next month and currently interning at this one company. They have not mentioned a full-time offer to me yet, so I’ve been applying to/interviewing with other places on the side, and have received a full-time offer for this one other company. I’m thinking about going with whichever company pays me the higher salary, as they are both good positions. As I don’t know if my current company has plans to offer me a full-time position and as they don’t know I’ve been applying to other places, should I send them (my current company) an email politely asking them if there would be any possibility of converting me to full-time?

This is the email I have drafted to send to my point of contact at my current company. I just wanted to get some opinions on here first before sending it:


*This is (my name). I am currently the intern working with the Security Engineering team at (current company). As I will be graduating next month, I just wanted to reach out and ask if there is any potential opportunity for me to go full-time at (current company) after graduation, as I really enjoy working here and have learned a lot.*

*Thank you,*

*(my name)”*

I’d definitely appreciate any sort of feedback or thoughts, thanks you guys!



Sounds like the perfect way to approach the situation.


Frankly, in your first job, money should not be what decides where you go. Yes, I know it’s tempting to take an offer for 200 bucks more, but 200 bucks is peanuts in the long run. You want to choose the company that offers you a better name and (MUCH more importantly) the company that offers you to pay for more/better certification.

Ask them straight out what’s their qualification plan is for you. Because a job that pays 500 less can well be the one that pays you more in the end, if they agree to pay for all courses, certifications along with travel expenses there compared to if you had to foot that bill yourself.

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