July 5, 2021

Graduated with Bachelors of Science in CyberSecurity with a 3.0. At my wits end.. two months unemployed after my internship ended. Any feedback would be wonderful.

Hi all,

I’m a 24 year old with a degree in CyberSecurity with a 3.0 gpa, 2 years of retail management for a top 5 Midwest in charge of 40 people nightly, grocery store. Help desk for 1 and 4 months, Then got an internship with a Forbes top 20 company, earning 20 an hour, working in data analytics, but didn’t want to work in that department after 1 and a half years. Working 35-40 hours a week. I thought after graduating this year, I would be able to find a job relatively quickly.

I’m aware that a security internship would’ve been better, but I paid my way through school and that was a no brainer for me at the time.

I’ve talked the CISO of my last job, and he was friendly to me and would Webex meetings with me. But started to ghost my emails towards the end. I’ve applied for 60+ entry jobs, my resume shouldn’t be the problem. But only two interviews and mostly ghosted. Denied three times from the company I interned at.

Any advice would help right now, I have proficient SQL experience, Tableau server, Kali Linux, web design and Tableau prep. School experience in Java, JavaScript, and C++. While earning Also with supply chain management for my capstone class. And my prefer job is compliance/audit/analyst.

It’s been two months unemployed and I’ve done all this to put myself in the position. It’s taking a toll on me and I have been able to collect unemployment. What is wrong with me and why has it been so hard ? I’m at my wits end.

Any feedback would help, sorry for the rant and thank you for reading this. Don’t worry about being nice.



Keep trying, took me 300+ applied jobs and 6 months


It’s hard to say based only on what you’ve posted here, since there is so much more to job hunting than simply having a degree.

The first place I would start, in your position, is your resume. I know you said “my resume shouldn’t be the problem” but how have you confirmed that? Perhaps consider posting it to r/resumes for critique. You might be shooting yourself in the foot with a badly formatted resume, even if your experience is what the job is looking for.

The second step would be your cover letters. Use your cover letter to expand on the bullet points in your resume and how your past experiences will enable you to perform the job well. If you put a bullet point “Implemented XYZ which increased efficiency by X%”, then on your cover letter you can take some time to talk about what challenges you faced during the implementation and how you overcame those challenges.

Third would be networking. Old professors, old internships, even your old grocery store job. Talk to former managers, friends, anyone you can think of and see if there are any positions available. Even grocery store chains need security, so don’t overlook someone/something because you don’t think it’s related.

Fourth would be certificates. You mention you have experience with some things, but haven’t stated whether you hold any certificates. If you graduated from a cybersec program, you shouldn’t have an issue getting Sec+ at the very least.

Lastly, start some home projects that you can flaunt on your resume/cover letter. Not only does it help convey your interests, but it shows you’re eager and a self-starter. Spin up a home lab, hack some IoT devices you have lying around, etc.

Best of luck on your search!


What did you learn in university?

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