September 24, 2021

Hack-a-Sat: Kepler 2 GEO, Solving for Propulsion w/Python

Hack-a-Sat: Kepler 2 GEO, Solving for Propulsion w/Python



Hi everyone! I am a cybersecurity vulnerability researcher and penetration tester professionally and in my personal time, I do a lot of educational outreach. Specifically with high school and middle school students. I recently started a YouTube channel to support some of my lectures in an async manner. I do additional videos like this as well to support interest in various domains. Please check it out and provide some feedback on the material and teaching style–I’m trying to improve these.

In this video, we take a look at another Hack a Sat challenge, container name Kepler 2, challenge name Cotton Eye GEO. This challenge is designed to teach about the orbital mechanics of moving from one orbit to another and how to determine the required maneuvers (change in velocity, “Dv”) to perform that orbital circularization.

We start with an overview of the challenge, which is an extension of the first problem, Fiddlin’ John Carson (which there is another video about on this channel). We then use Universe Sandbox, a space simulator to discuss the orbital principles before finishing the video by calculating a burn time and Dv in ICRF using Python libraries: poliastro and astropy. Ultimately the whole point of this video is to teach about calculating the delta-v (Dv) required to maneuver from one orbit to another. We try to do this with as little math as possible to keep things high-level and conceptual. Hope you get something out of the video or at least enjoy the content!

Here’s my solver:

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