January 26, 2021

Hacked Amazon! Please help.

Hi can someone please help. My mum, me and two sisters share a Amazon account, with my mum having the account and being the main person. (2 step verification enabled) on Thursday I went on Amazon and realised I had been logged out. Tried to log back in but the password wouldn’t work. Asked my mum and she said she hasn’t changed the password. She goes on the app and the password and the number associated with the account has been changed. When she goes on my order it is just things we have ordered.

Yet when she goes on notifications there’s lots of gift card orders that we haven’t placed that have been made for the past week. Also on the notifications it says they have been refunded on gift cards for the orders we have made and have returned?

I’ve been phoning the Amazon helpline number every day since Thursday last week and no one is being helpful. They try to send emails to my email, my mums, her other one and none of the emails come through. They can’t get into the account because of the two step verification but I can’t disable it as you need the password. I can’t click I forgot my password as no emails from Amazon are appearing in my account.

Today I rang again and they apologise say it’s unacceptable and they’re sending it to the analysts higher up. Who get this, will contact me in 2 days by email. Those emails I don’t get. She said “oh don’t worry they have more authority you’ll get there emails”

I ask for the account to be put on hold so no more orders can be placed and she says “oh we can’t do that but don’t worry as we’ve got the info that you called so we’ll give you any money back with orders they placed”

I’m just so over it. It’s taking 4 days for this to be sorted. I feel like they don’t care or won’t do anything about it. Every time I ring they say different things to do and nothing works then say they’re sending it to the analysts who’s email I never receive.

Please can anyone help me? It’s just causing my family so much stress

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