January 4, 2021

Have you ever been permanently banned by facebook?

I was permanently banned by the asshats running facebook for posting a historical quote by Hitler in which he stated both he and the nazi party were Christian. For some reason it is ok for Christians to publish fake news about Hitler being atheist but showing evidence that this is false gets you booted off facebook for life. I had created hundreds of popular groups there. Some with hundreds of thousands of members. I reached more people than most newspapers do and put in thousands of hours work. Then my account is deleted. I hate Mark Zuckerberg for wasting my time and erasing all my hard work for no rational reason. Now I understand why people commit murder. Every time I check the news I hope to hear that another disgruntled facebook user has killed Mark Zuckerberg in the most painful way imaginable. Its incredible that these jerks can get away with treating their own customers like trash and then give nonsense explanations for their actions. They cl;aimed I was supporting a hate organisation. The nazi party? My grandparents fought those sick fascist scum. It was just a quote from history published to demonstrate the guy wasn’t atheist.

Is it just Adolf Hitler quotes about his being religious? Mark Zuckerberg recently found religion so maybe this is all about censoring atheists. Is it all dictators quotes? Josef Stalin? Pol Pot? Mao? Putin? Mark Zuckerberg? An automated algorithm boots people off if it sees a pic on its archive. The nazi

party was fond of censorship too.

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