SCENARIO 1: One of your organization’s internal departments frequently uses outside cloud storage to store large amounts of data, some of which may be considered sensitive. You have recently learned that the cloud storage provider that is being used has been publicly compromised and large amounts of data have been exposed. All user passwords and data stored in the cloud provider’s infrastructure may have been compromised.

What is your response?

SCENARIO 2: Your organization is located within a flood zone. Winter weather combined with warming temperatures has caused flooding throughout the area. Local authorities have declared a state of emergency. In the midst of managing the flooding, a ransomware attack occurs on your facility, making computer systems inoperable.

What is your response?

SCENARIO 3: An employee within your organization used the company’s digital camera for business purposes. In the course of doing so, they took a scenic photograph that they then loaded onto their personal computer by inserting the SD card. The SD card was infected with malware while connected to the employee’s personal computer. When re-inserted into a company machine, it infected the organization’s system with the same malware.

What is your response?

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  • kedearian

    November 17, 2021

    Why does this come off like someone’s homework?


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