May 1, 2021

help a noob please, what is this trojan trying to do on my computer? thank you

first of all sorry about my bad English. I downloaded a bad file , upon clicking on it, nothing happened and then the file auto-delete. I knew it was fishy and my anti-virus did not detect a single thing! so I open the task manager and I see this running in background :

I click right click on it and click “Open file location” , it was siting in “..\AppData\Local\Graphics Codec Stacks ver8.69” this folder was empty (even with “View Hidden Items” on) . I try to walk back to ‘Local’ and again the ‘Graphics Codec Stacks ver8.69’ folder was not there(hidden) so I power shell and do this :


then this :

I used shutil module from python to copy that folder to desktop (I run a scan on it by antivirus and still nothing) then I downloaded jetbrains dotpeek to “decompile” it , it was written in C# and the code was completely random , like all I see are irrelevant math equations. the code is completely obfuscated . like this :

`using Microsoft;`

`using syeasrasrfasr;`

`using System;`

`using System.Windows.Forms;`


`namespace Microsofts`


`internal class Program`



`private static void Main()`


`u003CModuleu003E.RunAction = 0;`

`int int32_1 = Convert.ToInt32(-2.0 – 2.0);`

`if ((Convert.ToInt32(5.86214091642749E+17 / 541393614.5) ^ Convert.ToInt32(679511851.643738 – Math.Log(339755916.0))) == Convert.ToInt32(872759619.0 + Math.Truncate(872759618.5)))`


`u003CModuleu003E.RunAction = Convert.ToInt32(1.45969769413186 + Math.Cos(1.0));`

`int num = sizeof (float);`

`int32_1 += num;`


I kept a copy of the decompiled folder of the trojan, if anybody can or want to read this , I can send it to you , I’m really curious about what is this doing on my computer and how they can manage to make it completely indictable by antivirus software. thank you



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Can you reformat the code, by putting 4 spaces before each line and removing the backticks? On old reddit, the code is running off the right side of the screen.

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