January 27, 2021

[HELP] I think I’m going to get hacked!

So it happened 15 min ago, I tried to shut down my PC but it said something along the lines of,

# ‘Someone else is still using this PC. If you shut down now, they could lose unsaved work.’

I panicked but then I remember one friend told me that your should check task manager whenever you have doubt that someone else is connected to your network,

I checked and I found another account with username ‘defaultuser1000000’

The screenshot: [https://imgur.com/a/7uCu28T](https://imgur.com/a/7uCu28T) (the blurred one is my account)

Now i am not that knowledgeable about computers, maybe its just some system process.

Only thing I downloaded was a word doc and nothing else in last week from any site, I actually ran into a minor hiccup earlier this day when it was saying ‘there’s some with your pin-code’, but it actually got fixed once i restarted my laptop, but now I am scared that if i shut down now, I might get locked out of my own PC and, I might lose all my data so I am uploading everything important the cloud.

Any help is appreciated, I have attached the screenshot and I think it’s showing all the programs that user has accessed, am I in any big trouble?, I was not sure where to post this on reddit.


PS. Pardon my English.



First off if you feel someone is logged into your computer remotely just disconnect it from the WiFi

Also default user 100000.. is meaningless. It’s a folder left over from when windows does it’s first setup. I found that with a quick google search….

When it said someone else is using your pc this usually relates to one of the other accounts on the pc didn’t log out, they switched user instead. Are there any other accounts on your pc? Such as “johns account”, “administrator” etc.

Also pretty sure malware bytes is actually adware. Can’t remember for sure but I’m 90% positive.


There are various apps with the help of which you can find out which devices are connected to your wifi.
Check to see if there are any unfamiliar ones


You should disconnect from the internet. (WiFi n ethernet, maybe run airplane mode or disable Network card for time being). I would backup everything on a USB or another storage device, and completely wipe my laptop to factory and reinstall my backups
Note: don’t bring suspicious/malicious files to your backup


Exactly, isolate the machine to protect any other devices in your network because if it is compromised you can pretty much guarantee they will be aiming for persistence via any device possible

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