January 21, 2021

Help/ideas needed for creating a list of cybersecurity companies worldwide.

Hey there guys. About three years ago I managed to land my first IT job as a web developer by scraping all the emails in a local python jobs posting site (about 350 Argentinian companies) and sending all of them an email (1) with my CV, portfolio and github account, using a python script. I then shared this list of company emails and my script with any person who wanted to get into the field I encountered, a big percentage of them managed to get jobs in IT as well.

I’ve been studying cybersecurity for a couple of months now while working as a web dev team leader and about a year from now I want to get an entry level job in the cybersecurity field, using a similar approach.

The problem I’m facing is that I haven’t found a site that shows company emails in their listing. So what I’m currently doing is looking through many “top cybersecurity companies”, going through their sites and grabbing their HR email. I imagine there’s tools for scraping emails from those company sites, but even then the process is still quite slow.

Another idea I thought of is to search cybersecurity-related LinkedIn profiles in Google, scraping their links and then automate the process of adding them in LinkedIn using Selenium (apparently 72 connections a day is when LinkedIn starts noticing something weird’s going on). My only problem with this idea is what type of people to search for in order to maximize the chances of getting a job.
Finally I could pay someone to somehow gather cybersecurity-HR emails, but I fear they would be facing the same problems I’m having.

**Thanks for reading! Any help is greatly appreciated. I will share my findings, results and methodology here once it’s done.**

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