April 6, 2021

Help. I’m starting a Degree in CyberSecurity with no prior knowledge or interest really..

Okay, so..

My parents are very adamant that I get a good job and pretty much center their whole lives around my success. I have been very indecisive in the past, and still currently ig, when it comes to what I want in terms of careers. So, I thought might as well pick whatever, because I’m going to hate everything anyways. right?

Anyways, I’m about to start my first term at Uni, studying for a Bachelor degree in Cybersecurity.

I know, why CyberSecurity tho?? I managed to get my Diploma in Social Science, and because of this I’m pretty much game to get into any Psychology based Bachelor degree. But I HATE the thought of having a career in Psychology. More so, then any other degree. The only other Bachelor degree I can get into with this Diploma is a bachelor in Cyber Security and Behavior.

My oldest brothers close friend, is on his way to become a Certified Ethical Hacker, and watching him study and talk about it has kind of been interesting i guess.

**How fucked am I?? Is it hard? especially for someone who knows absolutely nothing and doesn’t really find it that interesting (i guess)?**

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