July 20, 2021

Help requested: come write FAQ answers with us!

Hi again everyone! Following on from the [post yesterday](https://www.reddit.com/r/cybersecurity/comments/on0y4a/introducing_rule_9_no_excessive_promotion_updates/), we’re now ready to accept contributions to the new FAQ! We’ll be doing this all week at least, so no matter when you see this, drop in and suggest an entry you want to write (or, just suggest entries, and I’ll add them so others can pick them up)! We’ll burn through this in no time!

The FAQ repository is at [r-cybersecurity/faq](https://github.com/r-cybersecurity/faq), and contains a detailed contribution guide which will help people navigate Git if you never have before, as well as defines a couple simple standards for contributing. Right now, please focus on beginner and pre-career questions, but we’ll honestly accept anything – more content is better than less, and we can create multiple FAQ pages (i.e. ‘learning cybersecurity FAQ’, ‘careers in cybersecurity FAQ’, etc) if we get a *ton* of content!

As a quick reminder, here’s a summary of how contribution works:

* **To reserve a question:** Create an Issue on that GitHub repo detailing what question you’d like to answer. One issue per question. I will confirm that nobody else is writing a duplicate or too-similar question. Once I have confirmed, you may start writing.
* **To write your answer:** Fork the repository, create a new file according to the contribution guide, and write your question and answer in Markdown. Optionally, you can sign your username and provide a backlink to your personal Twitter/personal site, etc.
* …keep in mind, people might ask you for 1:1 help if you do that though.
* We would ask that you be polite when redirecting them to Mentorship Monday.
* **To submit your answer:** Push your changes and create a pull request which references your issue number. A moderator will review, and may provide feedback or edits for you to incorporate. Once the content is ready to be finalized, we’ll merge it.
* **To forfeit your question:** Please message a moderator, or allow your reservation to lapse. If it takes over one week for you to complete the answer after a moderator confirms you own it (due to inactivity, or inactivity after edits are suggested), we will allow others to answer.

Finally, we’ll manually compile the content into the wiki, and make the rule switch. We may do this as early as seven days from now, and manually add additional FAQ entries as they’re written, to iterate on the concept faster and flag any new posts that come in afterwards to have a FAQ entry written.

Any FAQ entries to this repository will be licensed **CC BY-NC-SA 4.0** ([learn more](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/)) – unfortunately if you’re not willing to license your answer under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, we cannot accept your contribution. We’ll check before accepting these as well to be sure, but I personally feel this is a freedom-of-information preserving license, and hope that others feel similarly.

I’ll also be going through and adding some Issues with common questions I see or can recall, and will be adding the “help wanted” tag to them – comment on one or more of those if you want to write them, but please don’t hog a ton of questions, we do want to iterate fast and let a lot of our community contribute! :)

Thank you all, looking forward to seeing how this goes!

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